I love shooting fashion at the races. Now in my ninth year, I’ve developed a bit of an obsession, and I have to admit I'm quite passionate about the images we produce.

When the Sydney Spring Carnival got in touch a few months ago, I couldn't have been happier and as I personally could not make the date, I knew I had to book two of my favourite street photographers straight away. Hannah Roche and Rachel Yabsley have long been two of our favourite Sydney shooters and I was thrilled they were both available. 

Booked to document the style at last Saturdays Moet and Chandon Spring Champion Stakes Day for The Australian Turf Club located at the iconic Royal Randwick Racecourse, we touched base with both Hannah and Rachel, who wrapped up the day beautifully. xxx

Hi Hannah and Rachel, thanks for doing such a great job on Saturday. It looked like a great day and your images were everything I could have hoped for. Tell me about the day?

Hannah: It was windy which was challenging for everyone wearing a hat or a dress (or anyone trying to take a photo..!) but everyone had a great time and didn’t feel defeated by the weather at all - it definitely got a lot busier as the day went on.

Rachel: Despite the blustery weather, everyone was in very high spirits. Most of the ladies made straight for the Fashion on the Field area, while the men were all happy to have a punt (or ten!).

Although you’ve both shot at numerous fashion weeks, this was your first day at the races. Was it everything you expected? And anything like shooting at MBFWA?

HannahFewer photographers at the races, which I loved! It's a bit more relaxed - people are happy to give you their time to have their photograph taken, which can be tough at fashion week as everyone is usually running late to shows. 

Rachel: It’s definitely like shooting MBFWA in the sense that I'm constantly on my toes to rush from my current shot to the next one I've spotted out of the corner of my eye. The fashion is completely different though - it's so easy to get distracted by all the beautiful millinery on show. 

Favourite fashion moment of the day?

Hannah: I loved Fleur Harrison’s outfit - she painted big blue strokes on her dress to match her blue shoes and hat.

Rachel: While it may not have been the biggest standout in the fashion stakes, my favourite outfit was definitely Kate Lynch who wore an outfit made entirely by her mother - who was there with her too! Very sweet. 

What was the biggest trend for headwear this year?

Hannah: I saw a lot of floral headbands and floral hats. 

Rachel: Crowns. Particularly in gold. 

Tell me about the men. 

Hannah: Navy or tan. I saw some great colour combinations, 3 piece suits, colourful pocket squares and hats paired with a solid beard or cool sunnies. 

Rachel: Blue suits everywhere!!! And I mean EVERYWHERE!!

  KATE LYNCH. photography:   rachel yabsley

KATE LYNCH. photography: rachel yabsley

  ANGELA MENZ. photography:   rachel yabsley

ANGELA MENZ. photography: rachel yabsley

  TAYLOR JOHNSON. photography:   rachel yabsley

TAYLOR JOHNSON. photography: rachel yabsley

  ELIZABETH KRIJNAN. photography:   rachel yabsley

ELIZABETH KRIJNAN. photography: rachel yabsley

  AMANDA MACOR. photography:   rachel yabsley

AMANDA MACOR. photography: rachel yabsley

  WHITNEY BERRY. photography:   rachel yabsley

WHITNEY BERRY. photography: rachel yabsley

  YAN YAN CHAN. photography:   rachel yabsley

YAN YAN CHAN. photography: rachel yabsley

  GRACYN MARSTERSON. photography:   rachel yabsley

GRACYN MARSTERSON. photography: rachel yabsley

Where were all the cool kids hanging out?

Hannah: Up in the members lounge! 

RachelThe Moet & Chandon Lounge on Level 4 of the Members area was definitely the cool hangout. 

What was the most feminine moment of the day? 

Hannah: Ingrid Lovett looked fabulous in her crepe ivory dress, YSL bag and straw hat - simple and classic.

Rachel: I can't go past a beautifully pregnant Elle Halliwell wearing Scanlan & Theodore - she looked divine. 

What was the most fashion forward races outfit?

Rachel: It’s a tough choice: either Liz Dixon wearing KitX and Valentino, or Viktoria Novak wearing Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Valentino. 

Anything you learnt about racing fashion from shooting at the races this year?

Hannah: There are so many variations of millinery! 

Rachel: The more demure, the better! I also shot a lot of custom/self-made designs, which was a thrilling surprise and definitely not something I see at Fashion Week. It's nice to skip the labels sometimes! 

 YAN YAN CHAN. photography:  rachel yabsley

YAN YAN CHAN. photography: rachel yabsley







  YAN YAN CHAN. photography:   hannah roche

YAN YAN CHAN. photography: hannah roche

 ERIN HOLLAND. photography:  hannah roche

ERIN HOLLAND. photography: hannah roche