When I’m not out photographing people or style, I’m in my office editing or blogging. For this I have two spaces - a company office in Prahran and a home office in St Kilda - I don’t have a 9-5 Monday to Friday job so my home office is where I spend most of my productive hours. When Telstra got in touch to share similar findings, I wasn’t surprised that Australians are now in a better position than ever to live the dream of a work/life balance. With the rollout of NBN across Australia bringing office-like internet speeds to Aussie homes, they are leading a work from home movement to normalise this new style of working beyond the office walls and the 9-5.

On a normal day, if I’m booked for an 8-hour shoot, my home office comes into play as soon as I wake up. I can do an hour of emailing in the morning pre going to the location, or similarly, at night I can catch up on emails after they become backlogged throughout my shoot day. Fact: there is twice as many office hours, to shooting hours in my week. These are spent selecting, processing, retouching, finalising, emailing, delivering and blogging images… so I have to make every hour of the day count.

Although I have had a home office for years, I have now learnt how to be more productive than ever within my space and you can too. xxx

START YOUR DAY RIGHT... getting ready for work is still important even though you may not leave the house until lunch time. Dress how you’d like to be seen and plan your day, make a tea and settle in for the morning.. and love that you don’t have to commute through peak hour traffic. 

CREATE A POSITIVE WORK ENVIRONMENT… surround yourself with furniture and items that you love, think practical and inspiring. Personally, I need a sizeable desk that I keep clear whenever I can, a comfortable desk chair that I know I can sit in for hours at a time, fresh flowers/foliage, natural light and Ella Fitzgerald on repeat.

AN UNOFFICIAL WORKSPACE… for those times when I can’t sit at a desk any longer, but still, have deadlines that need to be met. This space is all about comfort, while still maintaining a clear headspace. I love my blue occasional chair and retreat to it oh so often…. after all, your home office is all about you, and should make you want to feel productive, creative and relaxed. 

WRITE LISTS AND PRIORITIES … because if you’re like me, your list is endless and you’ll need to do some of it tomorrow. 

WORK REGULAR OFFICE HOURS…These don’t have to be 9-5. I now work three nights a week from 8pm-12pm to make sure I can get everything done. Call me a workaholic, but I love what I do and love that I have the flexibility to do it after hours.

Finally…GET ORGANISED. After all, you have no one to answer to but yourself and your clients. So get it together, time manage yourself, problem solve whenever you need to and stay motivated. 

As technology is no longer a barrier for most people to work at home, and the NBN network roll-out is enabling fast connections, many Aussies can access office-like internet speeds at home and we know this is true for the many freelancers we hire across the country. Connecting and collaborating is seamless.

Written in collaboration with Telstra

photography: liz sunshine + arriana leggiero