PHOTO DIARY: Brisbane City.


From the moment I stepped off the plane into perfect, sunny Queensland weather, Brisbane had me won over.

In a recent whirlwind visit, shooting for Brisbane City, I was unexpectedly blown away by the beautiful and eclectic city that had blossomed way beyond my childhood memories of an unassuming place that I thought of mostly as a springboard to the beauty of Queensland that lay beyond. Here was a stunning metropolis, folded around the bends of the Brisbane River with the token big city glass and steel buildings balanced by tropical green spaces and plantation like architecture. I seriously had no idea that, while I was busy elsewhere - mostly working between Melbourne and Sydney - over the past few years, Brisbane had done some serious growing up!

Arriving early at 7.30am, we jumped into a taxi and made a quick stop to check in to The Treasury Hotel, before hitting the quiet early morning streets. I love this time in any big city. Wandering the streets and soaking in the sights without the heavy pedestrian presence gives a different perspective and helps me to focus and look at what makes this city different. What sets it apart. To learn its identity and feel its ambiance that is always then reflected in its people and style. 

We met up with Louise from the Brisbane City at 10am at Greenglass - the newest breakfast hot spot in town that I scouted by first stalking every culinary publication imaginable. French inspired and full of space and light, the beautifully considered interior design was rivalled only by the amazing food and killer coffee!

Settled and fuelled, we hit the Brisbane streets to scout for people and start shooting with the remainder of the day being a blur of inspiring and high end retail (Edward and Adelaide Streets), more incredible food (Cobba), jaw dropping architecture (Queen Street Mall), yet more amazing food (Nodo Donuts), and a healthy dose of sub culture (Foliobooks and Aptmnt) for those rare rainy moments in this beautiful city.

My time in Brisbane was over way too soon but the obsession with city and its' people has only just begun!

See you again soon Brisbane and thanks for having us. xx