Oh what a night.

We arrived at the Australian Centre of Contemporary Art last night to walk the lush black carpet through to a black and gold media wall drenched in sunlight. Time capsules on the right, as we moved through to the bar, showcased iconic pieces from different collections over the last 20 years. Pieces we have all owned and loved.

A sentimental occasion for so many, as we were reminiscing about our favourite Mimco moments with so many of our friends. And also marvelled that in this day and age, a brand that has a lifespan of five years is thought to be quite incredible, let alone being at the forefront of accessory design for two decades, as Mimco can now boast!

Gold leather embossing and a portrait studio with Monty Coles, were two of the amazing activities we were able to indulge in on the night. While sipping champagne we flirted with the four Mimco muses and danced away in celebration…

On the streets, as the guests were arriving, we noticed a soft romantic aesthetic, complimented lux with Mimco details, some from the new collections and others classic pieces that have been worn and loved throughout the years.

Below are our favourite details of the night… x