Unless you’re a street fashion photographer yourself you’d have no idea how physical our job can often be. Not to say it’s the most physical job ever, but 80% of my time is spent walking and running, with the remaining 20% spent shooting.

Shooting a story like this one for Vogue can sometimes take a full week, and send me on foot across multiple suburbs in one day. Yet when I find the right subject and the images begin to come together… the satisfaction is something I can’t even begin to describe. In my 4th year of shooting street, I have figured out a few basic rules and essential items that help to ensure my day goes as smoothly as possible.

First rule is I always aim to take minimal equipment. I only ever take my camera with one lens attached, a spare battery and spare memory card. My camera is never packed in a bag, but always attached to my hand.

Second essential is music. To keep my focus up and out in the world rather then checking emails or instagram on my phone, I feel that somehow music captures my attention and helps me concentrate on the job at hand.

Third is a cross body bag, for cash, my spare battery and card, plus my phone and probably a Mecca lip conditioner.

My final absolute essential on a shoot day is a seriously comfortable pair of shoes. I have long opted for Cons as my shoe of choice, so you can imagine how excited I was to find they have upgraded the original Chuck Taylor’s to the super comfortable and luxuriousChuckII’s.

With the shoes I’m wearing in these pics only being released today, I am also excited to announce a project we’ve been working on with Converse over the last 3 months. #ReadyForMore is a series dedicated to some of our favourite Australian creatives and influencers. With the first part launching tomorrow, check back in to see what we got up to and who we were lucky enough to work with. Liz x