I don't even know where to begin. Motherhood is one of the most natural roles I have ever played but that’s not to say it's easy - because any mum would tell you it is one of the more confusing, terrifying, stressful, meaningful, rewarding and irreplaceable things you'll ever do in your life - but somehow when that baby arrives, everything kicks in and you just do it. Maybe it's the hormones or natural instinct, whatever the reason, when the moment comes you become a mum.

Having had one of the most mentally busy years of my life, after only taking six weeks maternity leave before returning to work, I wanted to dedicate this post to all the amazing working mums who still have careers in fashion and inspire me daily, 'to have it all' within the industry I love. 

All mums are superheroes, but there are a few that have constantly been a personal source of inspiration for me as I journey towards a lifelong fashion career, all while balancing family life. 


Anna Hewett and Frankie Presser. 

Mum's to Pearl and India, these two Sydney babes were the first women to open my world up to the idea of having a family and still maintaining a career. Both are super successful women in the Sydney fashion scene, Anna - a stylist for many years - has made her mark freelancing for clients such as Hermes and was one half of the duo behind local swimwear label Anna and Boy, while Frankie represented the likes of Dion and Maurie and Eve with her fashion agency, I Heart Agency. Both also taught me that careers evolve and it's ok to change your path. The most important direction is the one that makes you happy. 

Margie Woods and Irene Nicholas.

These two extremely inspirational women each have two kids and two successful fashion businesses to their names, yet also manage to exude a very cool, calm and collected attitude. Margie owns The Lofft, a super successful fashion agency and showroom in Richmond, as well as one of my favourite Australian labels, Viktoria and Woods. Irene opened the doors of her first Green With Envy boutique in 2000 and also owns Nicholas, her eponymous label, which is now the go to brand for stylish Melbourne girls. 

Sarah Gale. 

A blonde bombshell who is a favourite to shoot for her personal style, but also the managing director at AMPR. Whilst balancing the role of mother to two beautiful girls, Sarah has worked her way to the top in Melbourne PR and is still lovely enough to talk about family over a glass of wine after an event. Composed and flawless, she is a serious style inspiration. 

Lindy Klim.

 Mum to three of the most divine children I have ever met, Stella, Rocco and Frankie. Lindy lives her life between Bali and Melbourne. While working, she's shooting campaigns for Buro 24 with Louis Vuitton or travelling the world, then home to Bali where I love to live vicariously through her life of palm trees and hammock cuddles with her three beautiful kids. Chilled, gracious and polite, but strong and dedicated are the words that come to mind first when I think of Lindy.  

Lana Wilkinson.

My friend and super stylist to the stars. Lana is surely the most likeable person you'll ever meet. Mum to Ava and with a new little bub only days away, Lana has a work ethic to rival no other. She is always ‘on’ - going 100 miles an hour. A beautiful person, you'll never find someone more hardworking, honest and caring. 


Happy Mothers Day to all the mummies out there. 

You are all incredible and deserve a world of appreciation every day of the year, not just today. xxx

Pictured: With Harry Sunshine, wearing Victoria and Woods Time Wrap shirtClash Jeans with Lacoste sneakers and a Linden Cook necklace.


Shot in collaboration with Viktoria and Woods by Michelle Moses.