Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a street fashion photographer looks like? 

After an influx of messages and comments following my recent day trip to Splendour in The Grass, I thought I'd share my day with you... and some of my favourite shots, published and unpublished. xx

4am: Wake up. After 4 hours sleep, I start to get ready for an epic day of summer and travel. I throw on my pre planned outfit, sunscreen and mineral powder all before jumping in the cab and heading for the airport. 
8am: Arrive. Post two hours of sound sleeping and a little bit of dribble. Starving, I jump in a car and drive to Brunswick Heads where I meet one of my besties, Laura, for brunch at Footbridge, but not before applying makeup in the car. PS it's already hot, but perfect after coming from a frosty five degree morning in Melbourne.
9am: Order hash browns with salad and a poached egg plus bacon. This is sure to be my only meal of the day.  
10:30: After brunch and a little stroll along the river it's time to get my butt into work mode and get to Splendour. By 10:40 I'm through the gates and I start to shoot. 
11am: Shooting.
12midday: Shooting.
1pm: Shooting - buy a bottle of water and drink. 
2pm: Shooting.
3pm: Shooting.
(note I shoot one person about every ten minutes - this time includes moving between locations, scouting, introducing myself, taking the picture and writing down all the details. This ends up being thirty or so in a day). 
4pm: SHOOTING - the last hour before the sun goes down is like a race to the finish line. All the cool kids like to arrive at that time, just to make my day more challenging. I always end up shooting more in that one hour then I have all day. 
5pm: Where did the day go?? I meet another local Byron girl and good friend, Kunda. The sun is down. I have one champagne at the Moet bar, but know I have to get on the road and drive back to Coolangatta in case there is traffic. 
5:35pm: I found the car and on my way to the airport.
6:30pm: Back at the airport, through security I sit down and start uploading and editing. 2,254 the shot count for the day, but luckily I can select like a pro and keep editing time to a minimum. 
7:30pm: Only a third of the way through images and I hear the final call for my flight.
10pm: I gave up working on the plane due to turbulence and got a little shut eye, but now I still have two thirds of the images to get through and all before I go to sleep tonight. So laptop out in the cab and I barely look up on my  forty minute ride back to St Kilda. 
10:40pm: Finally back home and I need to get clean. Covered in festival dust, a shower is all I need.
11pm: Showered and eating a brownie, I turn back to editing. I still have to go through and select finals, process and upload these for online. 
12:30am: Images are finally done. Shared to dropbox and ready for online, I now have to type up all the details that go along with the images and share these as well. 
1:15am: I can't believe it... I'm done. Overtired and extremely sore, I climb into bed. My day at Splendour is done.