Inspiration isn't always immediate to strike. Whether it be personal style or photography focused, I don't always have the answers right away. 

I don't know if I've ever worn a sequin, or if it was ever foreseen in my personal style evolution, but when I walked into an appointment with Sarah from Unreal Fur only to be greeted with a curated rack of embellished garments, I immediately got to thinking.

Could sequins be as essential to my future wardrobe, as velvet and the Prada Cahier bag

Taking a minute to breath and touch the circular construction, I admired how beautifully they were made. Five pieces, both rose and navy, two colours I have loved endlessly. 

We started to chat, planning a shoot for the capsule collection. Bouncing ideas back and fourth, all we really wanted was an effortless demeanour, long limbs and a Byron Bay glow. Someone to show us how to style this somewhat unknown, but classic element with a new cool girl edge. Thinking tees and loose layers, a personal stylist came to mind. Jess a favourite of mine and a style inspiration was booked. 

Our shoot became more like a dance in the street. Jess styling and taking the lead as talent, was prancing and twirling while I stepped forward and back, trying to follow her unpredictable lead. 

Below, a few favourite moments from the shoot day that was. xxx



photography + creative direction: liz sunshine

styling + talent: jess alizzi