“I get dressed to outwardly express who I am to the world. “ Jared Acquaro.


The art of getting dressed is something we practice daily. It’s the way we choose and wear clothes that enables us to go about our everyday lives. In celebration of this idea, we are excited to launch a mini-series in partnership with Uniqlo. Exploring and attempting to understand the nature of why we get dressed will be a complex and interesting opportunity to sit down with people I have long admired and have a conversation about why they dress the way they do.

For our first conversation we sit down with Writer, Menswear Consultant and Brand Builder Jared Aquaro.

Jared is a passionate advocate for personal style and has made a profession from advising on the importance of correct dress and men's style - everything from tailoring to function - so he is naturally a perfect starting point for this series. 


Tell me how you approach dressing each day.

The first thing I do is check the weather. On a hot day I’ll wear light cottons or linens and heavier fabrics for colder days. Depending on my plans for the day, I’ll dress to that occasion. Even on a day off I’ll get dressed in a pair of linen pants and a t-shirt with some loafers. I always like to be practical and comfortable. 

I think that over time when you do start to recognise your own personal style, you automatically just get dressed in a certain way. Sometimes I’ll build my outfit around a piece I’ve been wanting to wear and other days I’ll just grab and go, not looking in the mirror before I leave. 

Why did you choose these two looks to be documented in?

It was more about taking a similar colour palette and using this to create a classic formal look, before stripping it back to then create a relaxed weekend style. The denim tones of the suit, a white shirt, a browny navy tie paired with loafers, and then using those same colours to do something more classically casual with the white linen pants, linen shirt and waist coat.

What was your last purchase and why?

I just got back from Italy, so my last purchase was an overcoat, scarf and some gloves. When I purchase something I am still always considering fit, so my overcoat actually fits me properly even though it wasn’t an expensive purchase. My whole aesthetic is based on knowing how something should fit, then you can spend a lot of money, or you can spend less.

Are you constantly updating your wardrobe or do you have more of a longterm relationship with the clothing you wear?

I have a lot of staples and do like to update them after a period of time, often looking for a better quality in fabric or a different texture. I often own the same style of clothing, but in different fabrics, maybe a wool, a linen and a cotton, meaning I can then wear them seasonally.

When it comes to evolution, do you think your style has changed over the years?

My style has definitely evolved and become more second nature. Even though I have a defined style, I still tweak things and try new ideas. If you looked at me 5 years ago the style would be similar, but the aesthetic of it all would be a little bit different. 

Are you an intentional shopper who looks for a particular style or piece?

I’m very specific these days in what I look for. Sometimes I’ll want something and not find it for 2 years, then one day I’ll come across it and purchase it straight away. 

Do we dress to be comfortable or confident?

Comfortable is confident. 

Do we dress to stretch our body and our mind?

I think it’s both physical and mental when you get dressed because when you are physically comfortable you mentally feel comfortable and happy too. 

Do we dress for nine to five or five to nine?

I don’t want any of my clothes to feel like a uniform, so if I’m heading to an event or a launch party, I’ll change from the clothes I’ve been working in all day. On a day off though I could quite happily wear the same thing  all day, from lunch meetings to an event and then drinks with friends. 

Can we find our Summer selves in our Winter bodies?

You can definitely take the Summer fun across to Winter. Instead of wearing a polo, you’d wear a woollen roll neck, a jumper or a cardigan in the same colour, to create the same feeling in a more seasonally appropriate fabric. My whole mentality about clothes in Winter is quite depressing in a way, everything just turns into shades of grey, so I like to include colour where possible. 

photograph + words: liz sunshine with jared aquaro.