As I walked into the Point Nepean National Park, ready to attend the Portsea Polo for my first year, an abundance of style and people surrounded me. It was 11 am and as I looked to my left, the Alfa Romeo marquee was already brimming with people. A sea of white lace and boaters, the uniform for the day. 

Instead of heading straight to the marquee where I knew I would stay shooting for most of the afternoon, I turned right and started to walk around the Polo field. As horses thundered by and helicopters flew in overhead, a woman in a Gucci dress and bamboo clutch walked past. Click, I had my first shot of the day.  

6 hours of documenting, 1000 shots taken, 2 sips of champagne, and the day was done.

These are my favourite details and looks from the day. xxx

photography: liz sunshine

shot for vogue.com.au