EVENT: Laneway, the most stylish festival I've photographed.

On Saturday I documented the most stylish festival I've ever photographed. Arriving at Laneway my camera was up within minutes, as people streamed through the gates, I was watching and photographing the standouts as they walked by, scanning their tickets at the gate. Before I knew it, I'd spent an hour in the same spot, outside the festival documenting babes as they arrived. Feeling it was time to change location, I had my tiny Prada bag checked and headed inside to work my way in and around the crowds of people as they swayed to the music.

Typical to Melbourne style, girls had a very relaxed but considered approach to dressing for an afternoon of dancing and drinking in the sunshine. Sneakers, cotton dresses, bra tops and denim were all essential. Shades of pastel pink, yellow and blue, with ripped denim and wrapped up/tied up tops were everything.

Shot for Vogue, I couldn't have had a better day documenting these Melbourne babes and celebrating their personal style. 

Liz x

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photographer: liz sunshine