Knitwear is essential. It’s the yumminess we wrap ourselves in throughout a Melbourne winter. It’s the layers we create that evoke a feeling of warmth and happiness even though it’s dreary and cold outside… but gone are the days when knits - like denim - were created only to serve a practical place in our wardrobe. 

Now in all shapes, colours and textures, knitwear is an effortless creative opportunity to add depth to any outfit. 

Ribbed, fine wool, cable knit or chunky. Thick and loose weave, super finely spun or made from ultra-microfibers. Cotton. Cashmere. Wool. In solid colours of black, dark greys, light greys, navy, blue, green, yellow, orange, wine, pink and beige. Knits on knits on knits. Layer upon layer… we love to dream about the endless possibilities and combinations of how to wear an oversized chunky knit or delicate feminine styles.

Now, as we move towards Autumn and have winter in our sights, Uniqlo has launched their knitwear campaign. Produced and shot by the Street Smith team last month, we couldn’t be more inspired by the product we were able to work with. 

Known for their dedication to elevated basics, we were familiar with Uniqlo's super fine merino wool and cashmere jumpers… but didn’t realise the collection was so diverse. A styling session with our chosen talent, Jess Alizzi, saw a cable knit dress worn over shorts, one cardigan opened and dropped off the shoulder to reveal another and sleeves pushed or rolled back to show tones of pinks, brown, greys and creams. 

This is our inspiration on how to wear knits this winter, how will you wear yours? x