After a recent decision to reclaim my personal style, documented here, this week I wanted to talk about adding new pieces to my wardrobe and the thought that now surrounds that. Think countless hours of shopping at Chadstone, High St Armadale and Chapel St, where I could try things on and touch them. Liz x

         Last Tuesday, I had a anxious moment of realisation... fashion week was now less then a week away and I had just edited my wardrobe back to a minimal selection of classics pieces.... with no thought to the six fashion week outfits that were now looming before me... 

So in a moment of serious urgency I jumped onto some of my favourite online boutiques (SSENSEMythereasa) only to realise I was relapsing into the bad behaviour of impulse purchasing that had gotten me into this dilemma in the first place... 

Then and there, I realised I needed some rules that would help me decide if I was making a considered purchase or if I was just being swept up in needing something new to wear. 

The first rule is something a friend said to me a couple of weeks ago... if you take away the brand, do you still love the piece?.. and for me, as a self confessed brand addict, this is something I have thought about at every purchase made since... (and the main reason I don't own That Gucci t-shirt).

Do I already own something similar? And could I wear this instead... which is now a much easier process, as I can see all my clothes and love every piece. 

Can I wear the piece in multiple ways and across the coming seasons? Opting for separates over dressed and pieces I really needed instead of, these Prada shoes that I would love to own.  

And lastly... Is it well made? And from what fabric? Where had it been manufactured? Is it from a label I wanted to support? Having recently banned myself from shopping at Zara (mostly because it's an easy option that takes a lot of the thought process out of shopping) and trying to put a lot more thought into where my clothes are coming from, I now try to slow down the process and make sure I look at the labels.




Comfort is everything when it comes to shooting street, so I'm planning to wear sneakers for most of the week. Although 90% of my wardrobe is black, I do love colour, so as soon as I saw these mulberry and raspberry coloured Vans I was totally in love. Details are important, so it wasn't just the colour that I was drawn to, I loved the perforated branding and white laces on the Mid Court. And for the black Puma's it was all about the texture of the suede and being velcro not laces. 



After having my last leather jacket for 8 years, it was one of the items to go in my recent cull. I thought a classic Acne leather would be the replacement this winter, but then came across this amazingly detailed biker from Melbourne label Ena Pelly. As classic as leather jackets come, I imagine this will be my only leather jacket for some time.  


Omg the colour and texture of this jacket has me from the moment I saw it, so I definitely had to go through my above check list of questions to make sure this wasn't an impulse inclusion. I got married in Red some years ago and consider it as classic as colours come, so this jacket is classic piece for me... one I'll wear with jeans and a tee, or a mini and white shirt for years to come. 



I saw this Scanlan and Theodore red lace skirt when it first came into store a few weeks ago and have been thinking about it ever since. Long and elegant, I own nothing like it and can always justify an Australian Made purchase. :-)

After a very successful Camberwell market stall a few weeks ago I had a little cash to splash and decided a classic pair of mid heeled boots was the go. After endless searching I came across these Vetements boots, which from the top and front look totally normal, but an edgy blue heel which will always make them a little bit different and also make me love them forever. 



I'm more into jeans and t-shirts then hoodies and trackpants, but as we come into the cooler months it definitely doesn't hurt to own a pair of these to lounge around in. I love the repeated logo down the side, reminding me of a Balenciaga moment from IFW and the red detailing. 



I love all the texture we've seen through the summer months. The rattan bags and natural straw hats that have been all over my Instagram feed...when I saw this red string bag at the markets, I new it was the perfect addition. Practical for carrying my shopping, but also as a colour pop addition to every outfit and a reminder that even an $8 purchase can pack punch. 


Tell me your thoughts, comment below and I'll be sure to answer. xxx