“I get dressed because I love putting outfits together and experimenting with the way clothes can be worn.” Jess Alizzi.


Clothing, at it’s most basic, serves a fundamental and functional purpose. For many of us though, it is also our chosen skin and can influence how we are perceived in our social world. The act of getting dressed can be a powerful extension of our personality, and a creative outlet to show our core values.

The Art of Getting Dressed is a mini-series, supported by Uniqlo, that explores these multifaceted ideas behind why we get dressed. Through a collection of case studies that look at a cross section of everyday people, we find inspiring, putting street style under the microscope to find out a few reasons behind the choices of a few that represent the many.

Jess Alizzi, who we have had the pleasure to work with many times, is someone we have long admired for her on-trend style and unique industry perspective. As a Fashion Influencer, Jess has spent the past 2 years working on jessica+love, a journey that has helped to define her own style. Her daily clothing choices not only have to take into consideration her individual self-expression but must also attempt to navigate Australian fashion brands to forecast new trends and highlight influential design. Working predominantly on Instagram (@jessalizzi), Jess brings a unique perspective to this, the 6th chapter of our series.


From starting your blog 2 years ago, how has working as an Influencer helped to define your personal style?

At the beginning, I really just loved fashion and getting dressed up so when a brand approached me to wear a blue kimono, for example, I was really happy to. My brother and I would head out onto the street to shoot but often something just wouldn’t feel right, the item didn’t suit my style. When this happened I didn’t want to share the images so I started to learn very quickly about the clothing I didn’t like and what did and didn’t suit me personally.

Blogging and working with different brands for the last two years has absolutely refined my personal style to what it is now.

How do you approach choosing something to wear each day?

Every day my approach is exactly the same – I follow my mood. Some days I feel like being more feminine and I will opt for mini skirts, loose fitting dresses, or tops with lace details. Other days I feel like being a bit more masculine and will choose to wear darker colours, trousers and oversized t-shirts. Once I know what my vibe is for the day the act of dressing is a quick process that only takes about ten minutes.

My style of dressing is often also defined by what I am doing during the day. Whether I am going to a meeting, an event or to university, there are some items of clothing I will only wear for certain occasions and days.

Do you make conscious style choices?

My style choices are not really conscious at all but really do come from what feels natural and right to me each day. Although I love Pinterest and sourcing inspiration from different resources such as magazines, or even looking around to see what others wear on the streets of Melbourne, on a day-to-day basis my style choices are not overly considered.

Was there a moment that you knew your style?

Yes, absolutely. It was after a number of bad collaborations that I really stopped to look at this idea of personal style in a way that I never really had before. When something feels 100% wrong, I’d feel almost ashamed of myself to be posting it and I’d keep looking at the post over and over. This was probably all around the time of fashion week last year and really helped me to get a much stronger understanding of what I liked to wear.

Is clothing a practical tool to survive everyday life or is it an opportunity for daily self-expression?

Clothing is absolutely an opportunity for daily self-expression. I have always loved everything about clothes and styling, for as long as I can remember. In fact, back in high school I used to always get so excited when casual clothes day was coming up and would literally count down the days as I couldn’t wait to put together an outfit that would allow me to express my personal style (even though I didn’t know that’s what it was called when I was younger).

Tell me about what you are wearing right now?

I get sent a lot of product and some of it I will never post or wear. Today these jeans arrived ten minutes before the shoot, I tried them on and loved them straight away, which changed the direction for my entire outfit.

When you go shopping, either from a lookbook that someone sends you because they want to work with you or in an actual shop, what stands out for you?

If I’m buying something I want it to be high quality and a piece I’m going to be able to wear or use for a long time - so a classic cardi, or a great handbag for example. If I’m being gifted product I try to go for something that’s a little more on trend, or that I love right now, so I can keep being a little experimental and creative with my look.  

What was your last purchase and why?

My last purchase was a cheap oversized men's grey jumper, which I am intending to roughen up a bit (DIY) and wear once the weather gets a bit cooler. I am constantly updating my wardrobe while also trying to create a long-term relationship with the clothes I wear. Given the industry I am in, my wardrobe is forever rotating and changing as it is very dependent on trends, however, the basis of my wardrobe is always the same and has been for quite some time now. I am constantly working on building up a good selection of seriously high-quality basics that I can wear and appreciate, well – forever.

Do you think your style would be different if you weren’t blogging and having so much access to brands and clothes?

I would be much more classic. Right now I’m really open to looking a lot more seasonally cool, but when I’m spending money I’m much more aware of making a good investment.

When it comes to evolution, do you think your style has changed over the years?

I think my style is constantly changing and evolving and I really hope that never stops. I believe the day that I can completely define my sense of style without any hesitation, will probably be the day I am officially bored of fashion and getting dressed in the morning. Although some styles and clothes are totally innate to who I am and what I wear - for example, oversized denim, white shirts, and black boots - everything else is forever evolving, whether that be colours, textures, styles or just my overall vibe being reflected in the clothing I choose.   

When updating your look are you an intentional shopper?

When I shop, I’m usually looking for a particular style or piece to add to my wardrobe. My main reason for shopping is usually because I feel as though an item is missing from my current wardrobe, so the main goal is to fill this wardrobe gap. However, sometimes I will go out with the intention to buy an item and end up buying something completely different simply because it has caught my attention. Although, usually when this happens, I end up regretting this purchase down the track so I try to avoid this where possible.

Do we dress to be comfortable or confident? Ideally, we dress for both – but sometimes the best outfits aren’t always the most comfortable.

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