I don’t really know where to begin. I love clothes, but somewhere along the way they stopped being a source of inspiration and started instead to became a series of anxious “I have nothing to wear” moments.

I’ve spent half a decade documenting people and their personal style and you would think I’d have my own sorted by now… but at the same time as broadening my ideas and becoming less judgmental of peoples personal takes on how clothing should be worn, I was also loosing my own personal perspective…

I’d photograph a person wearing a red oversized sweater, and I’d love it sooo much I’d go out and buy a similar sweater. Then I’d be swept up in a floral moment… as I photographed a girl in a floral dress … and I’d have to have that too. A hat for a hat. Heels for heels. Denim for denim. The individuality I was capturing and so inspired by, was also influencing the way I started to shop and dress. 

My wardrobe, a haphazard collection of beautifully influenced purchases, had no correlation to each other and as I stood trying to get dressed everyday I would look into a sea of clothes which had no relationship to each other. No common idea or thread. No wearable combinations or effortless ideas. I was totally stressed out and knew I needed to change my mindset.

So now… after a month of consideration and cleaning out, I thought I’d begin my journey here. At the beginning of a new chapter in my style. One where I hope to regain my own unique perspective and wear clothes that I not only love (on the hanger or when seen on someone else), but in shades, shapes and sizes that suit me. Liz xxx