A comment left on this recent post asked did I personally think that jeans and a t-shirt on a cool kid was worth a photo if everyone wears them in the same way... my immediate thought "I don't care which kids are cool... I care if what they choose to wear appeals to my sense of style" but now days later, as I still think about this comment and idea, I realise there is a bigger question here. 
Does personal style have to push boundaries? Or can everyday clothes be considered stylish? Is a girl in a t-shirt and jeans inspiring?
I think personal style always comes back to personality. If you have a bold personality then you might be more likely to wear something that pushes boundaries, but if you are a more practical person you might opt for a minimalist approach. One thing I have learnt from shooting numerous fashion weeks both here and overseas is that Peacocks [the people who put together loud outfits and parade out the front of the fashion shows - without actually being invited to attend] are not the best dressed at any event... and that jeans and a tee, worn together or separately, are the most versatile pieces of clothing to be recognised within the last century. 
People who are bold enough to push boundaries in a successful way can be very thought provoking and inspiring, driving trends that are then adopted by the masses to varying degrees. I wonder... who was the first person to wear fishnets under jeans, with the toes and waist exposed. Why did we [present company excluded] jump on the band wagon so quickly? Why did something that our mothers and grandmothers [and probably us ...] cringe at previously become one of the biggest trends we've seen so far in 2017?? 
When I look into my wardrobe, the clothes I wear every day are a repetitive selection of pieces that I couldn't get dressed without. My job requires a practical style, so for the most part, black jeans and a t-shirt are my uniform. 
The reinvention of classics is something we have seen through the decades of fashion and is a sign of the times maybe more so, than the trend pieces that come and go.... Not a status symbol, these everyday garments are hard working and inexpensive [unless you're buying Vetements + Gucci] making them accessible for everyone... obviously placing importance on how they are worn [insert style cliche matra here]. 
From Ilkin to iconic images of Kate Moss from the 90's and the social influencers of now, both individual and trend interpretation of these key basics remain relevant...
So I answer, yes... jeans and a tee that are worn by a particular person in a certain way can be inspiring and worth an image… 
As always … please stay true to yourself and wear the clothes that you love. Don’t be influenced by anything other than the way you feel… 
thoughts? x