"I look forward to getting dressed every day. It makes me happy, and confident, and is one way I can express myself. It’s part of what makes me who I am." Alice Harvey.


As we move further into The Art of Getting Dressed mini-series (this is our 10th chapter!!!), supported by Uniqlo, we are starting to gain interesting insight into what we as Melburnians are motivated by as a whole, as well as the individual idiosyncrasies that set some of us apart for the unique way we approach getting dressed.  

This week we sat down with Alice, someone we met only a few days ago whilst out shooting street style. She stood out immediately. A local Brunswick girl born and bred, Alice still lives in the Melbourne suburb in her self-described bubble. When she does manage to tear herself away she works in fashion retail by day and sings opera by night. Alice’s combined lifestyle of fashion and classical music has led to her viewing her personal style as an expressive outlet that marries both worlds. 

Being surrounded by beautiful things in her daily work, Alice has developed a sense of style that is an edited mix of aesthetics that come together to create a look that is clean and feminine whilst still maintaining a distinctly modern edge. 


Tell me about your morning routine? 

It’s very dependent on my mood / the weather / what I’m doing that day. If I’m working I’ll always have my outfit planned out the night before, but on weekends I’m much more casual and like to go with the flow – I love throwing things together and trying new combinations and seeing what does or doesn’t work.   

Is clothing a survival tool or is it an outlet for self-expression?

It’s a combination of both, comfort is key, but so is feeling good about myself.  I’m a creative person so my clothes are definitely an outlet, getting a thrill out of experimenting and having fun with my choices.  

How would you describe your style?

It’s a bit edgy and modern, but also very feminine. Let’s just say you wouldn’t see my me rocking around in a pair of sneakers day to day. I certainly don’t shy away from colour, or even a bit of sparkle, when I want to add a touch of glamour or if I’m feeling sassy. I like to play around and combine different looks to create my own style... and I don’t take it too seriously.   

What was your last purchase?

My last purchase was a navy bomber jacket. It’s fairly classic and understated and I’m already wearing it to death. It goes with everything in my wardrobe so I know I’ll have it forever. Over the years I’ve developed more of a long term relationship with my clothes, I’ve learned it’s better to buy less and quality items that will give me longevity. Seasonally I do buy a few new pieces though, as my style is always evolving, and I’m not gonna lie, I do like to treat myself!

Has your style changed?

Over the last five years or so it definitely has. I’ve always had an appreciation for fashion, but I’d say in terms of colours, fabrics, and silhouettes, my style has become a little more sophisticated and I’ve become much more confident with what I like.  I think it’s partly because of the industry that I’m in (I’m always surrounded by beautiful things) but also through learning and becoming more comfortable with my body and what works for me.

Are you an intentional shopper? Or do you just hope something will catch your eye?

Generally, I look more broadly for something that catches my eye or that I’m drawn to, and I’m quite impulsive so if I love it, often I’ll buy it. I don’t like to go shopping with something particular in mind, as often when I’m looking for something specific I don’t find it. 

Where do you find inspiration for outfits? 

I find inspiration from my colleagues, friends, family, and observing what’s going on around me. I also get inspired when I walk into my favourite stores to see what new and exciting things they have in, and I get to feel and touch and try...

When getting dressed where do you place the most importance? 

Although I have favourite brands, I don’t focus on that too much, or trends for that matter. What’s more important is the colours/cuts/prints, in shapes that suit my body and go together. Often I’ll start with one piece of clothing and build on that. I try not to overthink it, and kind of just go with it.

Do you have a style icon? 

Not necessarily now, but growing up around my mum and sister, who were always very stylish and interested in fashion, had a huge influence on me. I gained an appreciation and love of style and beautiful things through them -  and also a shopping addiction...  

One piece of clothing you couldn’t live without?

It would have to be my black leather biker jacket – an absolute staple! It’s pretty much the dream jacket, and it’s gotten better with age. I can literally throw it on over anything. I’m so attached to it that I would definitely be lost without it. 

Do you dress to be comfortable or confident?


What is one thing you wish people would consider before they get dressed each day?

Dress for yourself, and not for other people. And have fun with it!