Do we wear the clothes we should?


Do we wear the clothes we should? Or do we wear the clothes we want to?

This is something I've been thinking about following Melbourne fashion week, where I noticed a lack of creativity in the wider audience of people attending. That's not to say that people weren't creative, I'm sure they were, but there seemed to be a lack of unexpected outfits, usually such a signature to Melbourne, that would have been worn by those who attended VAMFF in previous years. 

In a world where daily outfit inspiration is everywhere, do we now feel there is a right way to look? Is individuality not valued? Instead, would we prefer to be seen with a designer bag and new outfit every week [sometimes daily], and are we compelled to look like we have an Instagrammable life... wearing the clothes we see in our Instagram feeds [so must be cool] rather than wearing something that makes our heart skip a beat?

Captured here, are some of my favourite moments where the designer bag wasn't the best detail in the outfit. xxx