In the thick of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, we were lucky enough to take a little street style detour and head backstage to check out what happens when cutting-edge Australian fashion meets a global hair brand on the runway.


On Tuesday, Australian fashion designer Karla Špetić debuted her resort 2018 collection, Lucid Dreams and for a brief moment, we were transported to a pastel wonderland. GOLDWELL teamed up with Karla Špetić again for their third year and flew in Prema’s Dale Delaporte from LA to work his magic on colouring the hair to compliment the stunning garments, creating a colour concept especially for the collection. Immediately we were transfixed by the pastel pink and soft peach hues that slipped through super sleek two-toned ponytails. Shiny, lustrous lengths of hair twisted into clean styles, beautifully mimicking the translucence and shimmering lightness of Špetić’s garments. The soft, warm colour palette was a perfect match for the loosely tailored silhouettes and structured crisp whites of the clothing.


Last night we were again transported to another kind of rainbow dreamland as we arrived backstage ready for the closing MBFWA Romance Was Born show. We watched as colour bomb fringes and diffused perms were realised in a haze of moody merlot, soft spearmint, and deep violet tones. Models simmered as they wove down a smokey rouge runway between towers of white, magenta and pink orchids artfully arranged against dramatic red pillars. The label’s resort 2018 collection, Electro Orchid, was Geisha girl meets Charleston barmaid with all the signature flair of Romance - drama, colour, sequins, attitude and just about every texture under the sun. Soft halo’s of hair in loose updos had that distinct morning after sexiness and offset the ott glitz and glamour of the garments and then some! Metallics, tassels, lace, glitter, kaleidoscopic colour and peep show nude - everything was on the table and [literally] spelt out for the captivated onlookers.


We left fashion week with a definite fresh goal for winter hair... bring on the colour!


Photography: Hannah Lassen + Myles Kalus.