NEW MUSE: Tess Homann

Muse; a source of artistic inspiration.



Another week. Another muse... or at least for the minute as we continue our new mini-series into its second chapter. We're constantly seeking out new sources of inspiration from unique people who use the platform in a personal way - New Muses if you will. Girls who don't have a formula for success, but who inspire us daily with their life in pictures. 

Tess is one of those girls, so we caught up and had a conversation... take a few minutes and share your thoughts below too. xxx

Liz Sunshine: On Instagram:

Tess Homann: Instagram has been around for a while now and there are so many girls who have built huge followings. I'm a model, so use it for work, but also like to keep it real and be as natural as I can. I'm not into staged photos or being so done up that you look different in person.

LS: Tell me when you got started...

TH: I started using Social Media during high school here and there, but now I have to think of it as an important part of my job. Needing to post pretty much every day, because I know how important it is in the modelling industry to build a profile.

LS: How do you choose something to post...

TH: It's completely random, I pretty much post what I'm doing every day. If I'm going out that night, to castings for work or on a shoot, I'll take a pic then just upload it for that day. When I attend events I always like to take a pic of my outfit, and if I'm having a good outfit day I might try to do a street style pic. I love the gym [training five days a week most of the time], so there is also always snaps of me exercising.

LS: How do you stand out?

TH: I personally feel that the only way to be noticed now is to not follow the crowd. It's great to look at other girls to get 'ideas', but it's more about enhancing what you already have, know and love, understanding that as a woman everyone has a different look and you should go with your own thing. I think that's the healthiest approach because you don't want to be stuck comparing yourself to all these beautiful Instagrammers.

LS: Something you've learned?

TH: I've learned that the industry is now about who you are now as a person rather than the traditional ideas about modelling. Obviously, looks play a vital role, but it's also about your personality, style and individual voice.

LS: How Instagram has changed the world around you… if it has

TH: Instagram has completely changed the modelling industry and I see the importance of it, as a way for girls to get on clients radar... I worked with a client recently who actually prefers to book through Instagram, not because of the agency fees but because she can see the person's personality and what they really look like instead of the retouched images that you see from a photo shoots.

LS: What are some of the challenges being on Instagram?

TH: It's a challenge for a lot of girls in the industry to get followers, it's even harder now because Instagram is limiting the number of people who organically view your photos. I'm new to this, but I've seen that numbers are considered 'ridiculously' important to clients when casting girls for a shoot.

LS: Someone that you follow and find inspiring… 

TH: Jennifer Hawkins :) Obviously she is a really successful model, who is also an entrepreneur and has built her own empire. 


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