NEW MUSE: Tabatha Turner.

Muse; a source of artistic inspiration.


For our third NEW MUSE conversation about Instagram we caught up with writer and stylist Tabatha Turner... a girl I connected with in the early years of Instagramming and have been following ever since. 


Liz Sunshine: Tell me when you got started, how you choose to post what you do, what you think of influencers and how instagram has changed the world around you… if it has. What infuriates you? What you wish you could change? Where you find inspiration for your own posts and also who you follow that you find inspiring… these do not have to be fashion influencers… x

Tabatha Turner: I am an extremely visual thinker, so it was only natural that an invention like Instagram was going to seamlessly integrate into my life. However...I guess I am in a love hate relationship with the Application. Sometimes I’ll delete it for a week or more just to reconnect with more organic ways of finding inspiration...other times I’ll find myself at 2am watching yet another Korean Skincare tutorial - loving every second (...still cannot keep track of all the stages). So it changes. I don’t so much reach for my phone when lacking outfit creativity - I live by a strict jeans and t-shirt philosophy which I guess doesn’t really have wide-ranging click-appeal hahaha (mind you the shoes I have found are out-of-this-world!). On a different note, being a writer and glorified stylist living in Australia, it is a priceless tool for staying in touch with what is happening locally and globally in fashion/art/music/beauty. I find it such a luxury having so much information at my fingertips - comforting almost, I’m quite weird like that. My favourite accounts are the ones which keep it real and informative - no blatant promo - there’s something exciting about honesty and rawness. 

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