NEW MUSE: Shae Fraser.

Muse; a source of artistic inspiration.



For our fourth NEW MUSE conversation about Instagram and inspiration we caught up with Melbourne girl, Shae Fraser... a girl I met for the first time at Laneway Festival earlier this year as she danced around in a vintage band tee, bandana tied at the neck and pin stripe shorts. xxx

About Instagram:

Where I got started – I started using Instagram back in 2011, but I didn’t even know it was a public forum. I used to just edit my pictures in Valencia and use them on Facebook. I guess once it started to build momentum, I took a bit more pride in my grid.

How do I choose what I post – It’s hard! I try to keep it neat and appealing but sometimes I just love a photo too much not to share. I can be really inconsistent but I’m trying to be more aware of what I’m posting and the edits. I’m also not a blogger so I shouldn’t take myself too seriously, but I guess that’s just my OCD coming out!

Opinion on influencers/how Instagram has changed the world – I honestly think its dope. People need to stop fighting it and just jump on board. It’s here to stay! So many people have opportunities now that would’ve seemed out of reach prior to it coming around.

I love how accessible fashion and style inspo is now. Plus without Instagram I wouldn’t have been able to connect with many of the people I have in the past few years. So many of them are close friends now and we work together all the time. 

What infuriates me – Probably how influencers/models etc. change after they get a following. They become very commercial and lose their individuality that made them big in the first place.

There are so many girls I used to follow that I just can’t anymore because they all post the same things. They dress the same, everything is a promotional post for tea, there’s no edge.

What I love about Instagram – For me personally, I love how many great friends I’ve met through it! The modelling opportunities I’ve had or events I’ve been able to attend. It’s fun to jump in and out of world that you love but aren’t fully apart of. I can play model for a photographer friend without any pressure and sometimes it opens doors with people who feel your vibe.

I also love how much you can see into other people’s lives. It’s a bit addictive, but I love to know what Bella Hadid wore during Paris Fashion Week. Or what a festival was like that I couldn’t go too.

You can stay informed and it’s easy to get inspired with your outfits or holidays or just life in general

What I find inspiring – People who are different! I LOVE when someone rocks something epic at a festival or even just to lunch. I’d always prefer to be over dressed then under dressed. I love when someone can throw together an outfit that, by the book, really shouldn’t work. But it just does! That’s inspiring. People trying new things and running with it and being confident.