photography:  Sarah Tee . 

photography: Sarah Tee

"It's practical... and I'm practical... everything goes together."

"It always meets the dress code. Black cigarette pants and mid length skirts will never let you down and are appropriate for all occasions from black tie to brunch dates you will always look the part."

"You can fool yourself into believing you're actually a sustainable shopper because you buy less so waste less."

"Black is never last season... so will never be part of the Camberwell Market pile, living on in your wardrobe [on high rotation} for years to come."

"Nobody notices when you wear the same five things constantly. Black is all about subtleties, shape, texture, and details...so no one actually knows if you are wearing that same jacket or whether it just looks the same."

"It's got a very broad sense of appeal. Every day I meet someone new and have a conversation about personal style. As I look them up and down admiring the way they are dressed, they, in turn, do the same to me, judging as to whether this is an interaction they are happy to be a part of. All black = 100% success rate (people allowing me to take their picture for SS). Even black gym gear has a 100% success rate, although only tested a few times, it's been more successful than some of my more beautifully styled outfits."

L x