TAOGD: Lucy Folk.



I get dressed and it can take a while.

My style is colourful, eclectic, never trend driven and comfortable.

I never changed my hair and I feel like you can reinvent yourself every day with clothes.

I always wear a lot of accessories. I am dripping in jewellery at all times. I definitely don’t abide by the less is more rule.

I don’t wear anything sleeveless EVER or make up unless I am hitting the town or have an event.

I'm having a love affair with golden yellow, furry shoes and enjoying an endless summer. I feel like I am out of Weekend at Bernie’s sometimes.

If I'm feeling tired or hungover I wear something a bit fabulous.  It makes up for how I feel inside!

I don’t care if I mix gold and silver or I only wear black when I workout.

Favourite colour right now YELLOW

Inspiration is everything. I need to feel inspired constantly to keep my creative juices flowing and to constantly be thinking of what to do next.

I follow too many people on Instagram. But I do find it inspiring and damaging! I have spent hours lost on Instagram, but it’s a great source.

Until I started to sell clothes at PLAYA I would never tag brands in my personal Instagram posts, because the individual items aren’t as relevant as the way they look together.

I can't live without my family…well I can but not for long. I have a big family as I like to think my LF and PLAYA team is part of my family. I spend more time with them than anyone else and they are all fantastic!

Comfortable or confident? Confidently Comfortable…I don’t wear heels. I think this sums up how I like to feel at ease all times. I have a bad night if I am in the wrong shoes!

9-5 or 5-9? Both…but I do work better when everyone goes home for the day.