As I sit here looking through images from last nights NGV Dior Gala, it feels quite surreal. I remember at 5 pm the anticipation of the first red carpet arrivals. Who would be coming? How would they look? Will I be able to capture it all... (I'm always nervous before any event). 

Then all of a sudden it's 12:30 am and after one too many champagnes, two full memory cards, my pockets full of dead batteries (both from my camera and flash) - I'm jumping into a cab and on my way home. Camera in hand, as always I have totally forgotten what I've photographed across the evening - always looking for the next shot and not too worried about the last. 

My only real memory, the moment I entered the Dior exhibition. I walked backward into the first room... and as I watched the picture of elegance in front of me, Nicole Kidman and an entourage of well-dressed men... I turned around and realised it was perfectly reflected by the beginning of the House of Dior exhibition... a breathtaking reminder, that clothing in all forms, is art. 

Photographing the event for Vogue, these are seven perfect moments from last night. xxx