29.08.2017. phone notes. liz sunshine

"Today I got dressed in a dress I have already worn this week. I wore it to the same venue, with the same hosts and some of the same crowd.... but really who cares. 

I don't shop a huge amount so when I impulse purchased my way into a Dion Lee outfit last Saturday, the intention was to wear the hell out of these new pieces... Little did I realise only three days later I'd be making my initial good intentions come true.

Walking back into the NGV I felt great. No camera in hand - which is a shame as the crowd was soo cool - I was back to see the House of Dior exhibition. Undistracted by my obsession with documenting style, I saw a snapshot of couture history and felt a deeper understanding and passion, for the first time in a while, re-ignite... clothes are, such powerful answers to a personal identity and here before me, they were displayed as art. 

In the first room of the exhibition I ran into the girl who had sold me the mini dress, - the one I was currently wearing and also wore on Saturday night - I thanked her. And with my confession of rebellious style behaviour - repeat outfit offender - my thoughts turned to the clothes in the room... how many times was a couture dress like this worn? With their breathtaking nature, surely only a handful or so in a lifetime...

... I left the exhibition with a new life goal. To purchase one item of clothing a year that takes my breath away."

 wearing: dion lee mini dress.  cmeo collective pants . acne studios belt. chloe bag. proenza schouler heels.

wearing: dion lee mini dress. cmeo collective pants. acne studios belt. chloe bag. proenza schouler heels.