Do we wear clothes because they express who we are?

.... or because they reassure us we're part of the social norm?? 

I shop online every day... is that normal? I have no idea. I don't often buy, but rather spend hours trawling and procrastinating over my favourite online sites for the perfect addition to my wardrobe. The piece that will somehow complete me, make me happy, and clearly solve the meaning of life - we're all here just to buy more stuff, right??? 

But tonight, as I click on a Gucci Bomber, sending it straight to my shopping cart, I wonder if it's really the answer to what I need right now…

I love clothes... there is no doubting that. And this bomber has definitely got a lil something that caught my attention... I am already planning to wear it for the rest of Melbourne's winter.

Classic. Feminine. Edgy. Everyday. It's perfect...

.... but somehow I keep coming back to the question - Do I need it because it's the perfect fit for my wardrobe, both fashion and family [I'll totally wear it to the park on Sundays?] or are those very identifiable pink and green rosettes complete with a bow of blue and red ribbons affecting me more than I realise. 

Am I influenced unknowingly by the social GUCCI credit it may bring me? Or do I really prefer to spend money on higher end designer pieces because they are better quality, have been ethically manufactured and are not part of the fast fashion movement??? ... hang on where is this even made?

If you were to be totally honest with me and yourself ... do you think you buy based on self-expression alone, or are you possibly influenced by the fashion and social media market... taking into account that your brand may not be Gucci, but possibly it's P.A.M or Lucy Folk, Zimmermann, Nobody Denim {the list is endless]... 

Why do you shop the way you do??