SHOP: A-ESQUE Box Midi Star Stud.


A-Esque is a brand that is literally popping up EVERYWHERE at the moment. Have you guys notice too??? Everywhere you turn the name is being thrown around and that little abstract face is staring at us - so we thought we had definitely better check it out!!! 

We've discovered that the incredible pieces are kind of like that friend you describe as having the perfect amount of eccentricity…just enough to keep you hanging off their every word and admiring their every outfit whilst they flirt. The bold quirky graphics are tempered by 18K gold plated hardware and the bright metallics are softened by sumptuously folded designs.

Classic FOMO lead me to the Box Midi Star Stud handbag and this little beauty is a classic bag with both form and function to boot.

SHOP: A-Esque Box Midi Star Stud

Balanced by the gorgeous classic design are the star details that literally shine and make me ridiculously happy. I think they call that buyer satisfaction....

(Hand) Made in Melbourne 

From a blend of Italian lightweight metallic leather, laminated grain-side to luminous effect, Italian full-grain aniline leather, 18k Gold-plated A-ESQUE logo, ribbon and metal hardware.


Fun fact:  “A is the first, the alpha, the very best. A-ESQUE is ‘in the manner of A’.”