With the temperature averaging 10 degrees over the last week, it is now undeniably winter in Melbourne and my wardrobe has been transitioned to cope with the cooler months. Where soft silk, cotton, and white linen once sat, my cupboards are now bulging with knits, and boots, jackets, coats and as much denim as I can possibly squeeze in. 

I go through this transition twice a year, unpacking old favourites from seasons gone by, memories of cozy nights and frosty mornings flooding back. Like clockwork inevitably thinking ‘What did I wear last winter?’, looking at what seems like a modest amount of clothing once it’s assembled, layer upon layer to complete an Antarctic wind appropriate outfit. 

As opposed to my usual approach of piling on clothes as the temperature drops, this year getting dressed each day has taken a much more thoughtful process. So while avoiding editing, and hiding indoors away from the cold last week, I spent countless hours of thought (... but really just online shopping) deciding how best to update the key layering pieces in my wardrobe. 

My wardrobe philosophy is quite simple, each piece of clothing should be worn easily, go together in a multitude of ways and be style-able day and night. Preferring Australian Made, but wanting an international experience (mostly for comparison to make sure I’m still buying the best piece I can), I went straight to Farfetch, to Bassike, Nobody and Jacquemus (not Australian, but a favourite all the same). 

Here are the rules I’m observing while getting dressed this winter. xxx



Layering is all about balance. When wearing two jackets I always opt for a lightweight outer layer, as this tends to be the longer and potentially heavier of the two. 

That being considered the first thing on my list was a classic trench coat, an upgrade to replace a trench I have had for years that has now seen better days. For this Bassike offered the perfect solution. Natural in colour their classic trench coat is soft and light when undone, and feels structured and strong when belted and buttoned up. Made here in Australia, I love the natural cotton/linen fabric and back button details.



I'd say that most successfully layered looks mix a multitude of textures, which I’m sure is a well known and practiced rule. 

Leather is a must-have winter texture. Warmer than denim, it’s perfect in both pants and jacket, and you can’t get more practical and versatile than a leather jacket. Also Australian made, this year the Nobody Signature leather jacket was the answer. 



I love the way a long skirt moves as you walk. Often too cool to wear alone, the chicest way to style these mid-season midi's is to layer over skinny thigh high boots, keeping your legs warm while you still retain movement in your look.

Even in summer dark florals are my favourite kind, feminine but grounded this Viktoria and Woods mid-length skirt has been on my lust list for some time, while these thigh-high boots were stolen from a CR shoot only a few weeks ago and have been worn almost daily since. 



Although true for all seasons, accessories can tie together elements of your layered look, adding an extra layer of intention. Switching a classic bag to something a little more playful can be a vital mood enhancer on grey days. 

This Jacquemus bucket bag was the perfect addition to my wardrobe for all seasons. Combining black and tans, it feels like perfection when styled in a darker way.