As I walked into a Prahran cafe last weekend and sat down for lunch, I felt like all eyes were on me. A moment I don't normally relish in [or often notice], but with new hair straight from the salon I thought I was having a bit of a moment and proceeded to take a few selfies as I waited to order. 

At that moment, as I pulled my hair across my face for the 35th time - totally oblivious to the people around me, who had obviously come to the conclusion that I was quite self obsessed - I realised the transformation I had gone through over the last four hours while sitting in the colouring chair at Shibui… yes, my hair had just undergone a much needed winter update, taking my dark natural blonde hair to a super soft pastel pink dream [inspired by the GOLDWELL hair colour from Karla Spetics MBFWA show]… but even more so, my confidence had escalated to a new level of unassumed self love. Confidence that came from the simple fact that I had just had my hair done. Confidence we can all afford ourselves and all deserve. 

Good hair is transformative. When's your next good hair day? xxx

photography: sarah tee

photography: sarah tee


My colour is Pastel Rose from the new GOLDWELL Colorance range. Coloured by Laura at Shibui and styled by Brent. x #GOLDWELLPartner