"I get dressed for comfort, to feel confident, express my personality, and because it’s fun!”Jessica Burrow. 


The Art of Getting Dressed, a mini-series in partnership with Uniqlo, is dedicated to documenting and exploring the ideas behind our personal approach to dressing and why we choose particular clothes to wear each day. For our third instalment in this series, we were wanting to share someone with a less minimal approach to getting dressed.

After working with an industry giant in the coveted role of Fashion Forcaster for many years, Jessica recently made the move to freelance work. This growing trend to step away from the traditional office landscape to work in a more organic environment, usually either from home or a favourite cafe, has shaken up the way many of us approach the daily ritual of getting dressed.

We first met Jessica last year when she was still making the daily office commute and we were delighted to sit down with her again recently to chat about her unique approach to dressing each day and what inspires her personal style now as a freelance Trend Forecaster, Fashion Designer and Graphic & Textile Artist - which is a killer mix of high street meets vintage 80's classic.


How do you approach choosing something to wear each day? 

Having worked in a fashion office for 9 years, until recently, part of my job as a fashion forecaster was to experiment with new looks and trends. Working with that focus influenced the way I then dressed. Now working for myself from home (or cafés), I generally choose outfits that are more focused on comfort, and that come together effortlessly. I believe a killer outfit has the power to change your day, which is imperative for me to self-motivate and to inspire productive creativity!

A typical outfit for me usually includes some aspect of denim or a little sun dress -  effortless and comfortable styles that I then pair with edgy accessories or black hardware. I have a huge wardrobe of denim.

Is dressing an innate part of your morning routine?

When I was working back in an offices, I’d make conscious style decisions. If I was meeting with someone about trend, I’d need to make sure I looked the part, so I would pre-prepare what I would wear. In saying that I do like to throw together an effortless outfit. Being comfortable and making sure you don’t look over done or undone. 

I think it’s important to make conscious decisions and connect with how you feel as well. I wouldn’t be able to design beautiful floral yardage prints and grungy tee graphics in daggy sweatpants and ugg boots! Even when dressing for work as a freelancer, I’ll try to elevate my effortless everyday look by inserting something that is trending globally, such as a pair of fishnets under my ripped jeans.

So would you say that details in terms of accessories or embellishment (such as the fishnets) are important to you? 

Yes. When I’m wearing a band tee I often include extra details that will elevate the look from everyday to something that’s a bit more considered. Statement earrings or a hat perhaps. 

Has your background in fashion buying and trend forcasting influenced your personal approach to fashion?

When I first started in the industry I was very influenced by trends and would do wardrobe clean outs to get rid of most of the product. It’s interesting to then see what your unique style is, reflected in the pieces that remain. I still buy trend pieces, but I now know what clothing defines me.

Do you generally dress for practicality or self expression?

Towards the end of my years working in an office I noticed that clothing had become a survival tool. After being in the industry for 9 years, I would often get dressed a certain way to make sure I looked the part, was wearing something new, and buying into an industry that I was a part of. Now, as a freelancer, dressing is definitely a method of self-expression. Your outfit choices tell the world ‘this is who I am’ without even having to speak!

What you are wearing right now and why did you choose it to be photographed in today? 

The outfits I chose today speak to my personal style and approach to dressing. I often like to experiment with combining unique vintage items, such as a band or graphic printed tee (nod to 80’s trend), with more trend focused designer pieces (vinyl pants), denim and accessories. 

My summer go-to outfit is a cute & feminine printed sundress with edgy designer footwear & bags. 

What was your last purchase?

Retooled denim and a vintage tee! I spend half my life online hunting for designer bargains and unique vintage finds. 

Are you constantly updating your wardrobe or do you have more of a long term relationship with your clothing?

Seasonal trend-driven pieces come in and out of my closet as quickly as they come in and out of fashion, however my permanent wardrobe consists of unique samples, sentimental items, classic staples, vintage finds and designer splurges.

When updating your look or wardrobe are you an intentional shopper who looks for a particular style or piece, or are you just looking more broadly for something that resonates with your personal style?

Both… I’m an intentional online shopper. I have a Pinterest ‘wish list’ folder dedicated to RTW (ready to wear) or trend driven pieces I want (need!!), so I shop those pieces with utmost intention! That aside though, I love the thrill of an unexpected find that speaks to my personal style. I’ve found some amazing pieces offline - often trawling through vintage shops, travelling/ exploring/ strolling around markets.

Are you very influenced by social media, or are you more influenced by the industry? 

I wouldn’t say I’m influenced, but I’m definitely inspired by social media. Especially how real girls wear clothes. The girls I see and aspire to dress like, have such a unique way of putting things together that I often look to this over runway or Vogue. I’m really interested in up and coming influencers, they have a new and unique way of putting things together that isn’t influenced by the industry and they have the confidence to be different. 

Does dressing warm make us happy?

Yes. Layering outerwear, coats, sweaters and dresses is one of my favourite things about dressing warm. I love mixing textures and colours and experimenting with layering when the weather cools down

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