Ashleigh Reinboth, Bourke St, Melbourne.

Wears Lack of Color Hat, Ray Ban sunnies, Sportsgirl tee, Maxim jeans, Marc Jacobs notepad case and Nine West heels.


Photography: Liz Sunshine – 2014 – Street Fashion



                            Nothing says Summer quite like a soft maxi dress and wide brim hat. But if you’re looking for an edgier take on this classic summer look, why not blur the lines a little between naughty and nice?

Silk slips are making a fierce comeback and styling bares no limits, as this cheeky fashion item takes it to the streets. Silk slips as outerwear can be tastefully done. The trick is to keep it minimal and wear with flair. Pairing it back with converse kicks and a felt brim hat keeps the attitude casual cool yet subtly sexy.

Pictured below: Amanda wear SJ lingerie ivory silk slip dress, Lack Of Color fedora and Converse.


Photography: Liz Sunshine. Model: Amanda Beaton. Words: Jess Lennie – 2014 – Style

 Must-Have Millinery


                    They’re the must-have millinery item that’s taken over our instagram feed and turning heads wherever they go. The always on-trend hats from the team at Lack of Color have quickly transformed the faithful fedora into a high-street fashion movement and staple item for any wardrobe.

Once limited to a day at the races or summer festival, the humble hat has had a much needed resurgence as the perfect trans-seasonal accessory. Not only are Lack of Color redefining the epitome of cool with their babin’ brims, they also provide the perfect protection from the Australian summer sun and complete a head-to-toe winter look.

A favourite amongst bloggers for their defining silhouette and distinct range of colours and styles, Lack of Color have received a strong following both locally and overseas. With likes of Margaret Zhang, They All Hate Us, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and See Want Shop all seen showing their love for the brand, it’s no wonder their pastel tones and wide-brims have become a timeless piece that have us lusting over each collection.

Here are some of our favourite cool blue hues from their current season. xx


Photography: Liz Sunshine. Words: Sarah Rogan – 2015 – Style



               It was only last week when I was looking at my freshly washed clothes, that I realised I couldn’t actually tell them apart. Everything I own is black.

I know I’m in good company - there are a lot of Melburnian’s who share my love of this sophisticated, timeless shade – but when all your clothes start to look the same, I mean literally everything down to the contents of your sock draw, you know you have a problem.

This got me thinking about the past year and all the purchases I’ve made, along with what I love about fashion and the people I love to photograph.

Colour is such a reoccurring element in everything I do at Street Smith, not alway of course – I still love the simplicity of a black silhouette or white lace perfection – but it’s often what draws me to an outfit.

Pastel or pop. Pretty or plain. I now plan to practice what I love and shoot. My New Year’s Resolution is A Colour Resolution and 2015 will be all about introducing more colour into my wardrobe, starting with this pastel pink dream.

Do you love colour as much as I do? Tell us below. xx

Pictured: Paint it Red Pink top and skirt available soon from Miss ShopLack of Color pink hatThe Fifth denim jacketKeepsake roll clutch, Lucy Folk ring, Balenciaga bow bangle and heels.


Photography and words: Liz Sunshine. Model: Pascale Coade – 2014 – Style

She’s the woman who inspires us daily both in business as a co-founder of beauty and skincare brand, Milk and co., and in style through her effortless beauty and fuss-free aesthetic.

Not only does she manage to fit all this in between being a mother of three, but Lindy Klim is constantly finding the perfect balance between the organic comfort of Balinese living and modern demands of life in Melbourne.

We spoke to the gorgeous Balinese beauty about her summer style, travel tips and inspirations. x

YOUR SKINCARE BRAND, MILK AND CO. HAS AN EMPHASIS ON BEING ACCESSIBLE AND EVERYDAY, WHAT MUST-HAVE BEAUTY ESSENTIALS DO YOU ALWAYS KEEP ON HAND? I always have a pack of Milk beauty wipes in my handbag as well as Milk coconut kiss lip balm.

THERE SEEMS TO BE A SHIFT OCCURRING IN BEAUTY, FOCUSSING MORE ON WELL-BEING AND NOURISHMENT. WHAT TRICKS DO YOU USE TO ACHIEVE GLOWING SKIN? There is definitely a shift focussing on well-being and I feel that people these days are so well educated in health and lifestyle. I personally believe that everything you put inside your body also shows on the outside. Hydration is extremely important and I achieve this by drinking fresh coconut water.

LIVING IN BOTH BALI AND MELBOURNE SEEMS TO BE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, HOW HAS EACH CULTURE AND THE CONSTANT TRAVELLING SHAPED YOUR INDIVIDUAL STYLE? WHAT ARE YOUR TRAVEL ESSENTIALS? I am lucky enough that I have two homes, therefore I don’t need to travel with luggage. I find that when I am in Bali I almost take on a ‘Hippie Lindy ‘ vibe and my focus is rarely on clothes. This makes going back to Oz more enjoyable as I can then switch back into my fashion world with fresh eyes. I get excited to dress up again and express myself through clothes.

WE’RE LOVING THE WHITE ON WHITE TREND YOU’VE BEEN ROCKING LATELY, WHAT OTHER TRENDS WILL YOU BE WEARING THIS SEASON? I personally feel like I need a little style re-vamp and will be trying to wear more lady like dresses. Focussing on still being structured, but with no floral in sight.

YOUR DEDICATION TO AUSTRALIAN DESIGNERS INCLUDING ELLERY AND TONI MATICEVSKI SEEMS TO BE A TRUE LOVE AFFAIR, WHO ARE SOME OTHER BRANDS YOU’RE CURRENTLY ADDICTED TO? I feel that as Australians we are so fortunate to have such incredible talent at our door step. Some other brands I love are bassike, Life with bird, We are Handsome, Nobody denim, strateas carlucci , Dion Lee , and Josh Goot.

WITH A LIFESTYLE THAT IS CONSTANTLY ON THE GO, HOW DO YOU FIND TIME TO SHOP? AND WHAT ARE YOUR GO-TO BOUTIQUES WHEN YOU’RE HERE IN MELBOURNE? Well lucky for me my internet in Bali is fast (that is for a third world county) I shop a lot online and get my packages sent to my office. Net-A-Porter is always a favourite and about the only online store I haven’t forgotten my password to. In Melbourne I know I can always walk into Scanlan and Theodore , Green With Envy, Belinda and Acne. These stores never disappoint.

HOW IMPORTANT IS MAINTAINING FITNESS AND BALANCE IN YOUR LIFE? Very!! I couldn’t imagine my life without exercise. It’s just a really good stress release for me. I am also a big foodie so I need to balance this out with exercise!

YOUR ADORABLE FAMILY SEEM TO BE THE BACKBONE OF EVERYTHING YOU DO. HOW HAS YOUR STYLE EVOLVED OR BEEN INSPIRED BY HAVING CHILDREN? AND WHAT STYLE ADVICE WOULD YOU LIKE TO PASS ON TO THEM? My love affair with skinny jeans, plain t-shirts and blazers came from becoming a mother and needing clothes to be comfortable and practical was a must! I could sit in the floor for hours playing blocks with the kids in a dress.

All my children have such different styles already and I just let them roll with it and try not to change them. I want them to feel comfortable in their own skin and end up being more of a trend setter or forecaster than followers.

WHAT SONGS ARE ON YOUR SUMMER PLAYLIST?  Uptown funk – Mark Ronson Ft. Bruno Mars// My fear two – Cloud Control // Stone cold- Kite String Tangle // Get away- CHVRCHES // Some body talking – The Preatures // Run – San Cisco // Take me over – Peking Duk

ONE THING YOU WISH YOU NEVER WORE? Happy pants… They were huge in the 80s!

WHOSE WARDROBE WOULD YOU STEAL? Miroslava Duma and Giovanna Battaglia.


GREEN SMOOTHIE OR GREEN TEA? Green smoothie all the way!

FAVOURITE GUILTY PLEASURE? Salt and vinegar Red Rock Deli chips


Photography: Liz Sunshine. Words: Sarah Rogan – 2015 – Interview

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