Westfield X Alyce


As we come into spring it’s exciting to get legs out and start wearing bright colours again.

I love this Pop Art inspired look that Alyce has put together from the Westfield retailers. For all the details head to the Westfield blog (here).

Ps I think I especially need this clutch. Very cute. x


Photography: Liz McLeish - September 2014 – Blogger

QV Hideaway


Spring is in the air and so too is Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. With so much going on, it’s hard to keep track of all the incredible runways and fashion on offer and we can’t contain our excitement for all the amazing events that will be happening around the city this month.

One new attraction that has caught our eye is the QV Hideaway which has transformed QV square into a flourishing woodland hideaway where we’ll be stopping by for MSFW special events or taking a break in the beautifully adorned Hideaway café for a freshly roasted coffee and maybe a little something sweet…

We can’t wait to take advantage of all the free beauty activities, including hair and makeup styling consultations with experts or the eyebrow shaping bar to tame those brows, just in time for Spring Racing!

One event we definitely won’t by missing is the MSFW Curated runway show this Friday which will premiere the best new season fashion from some of our favourite QV retailers including A.P.C, INCU, Vanishing Elephant, Obus and M Dreams.

We’ll also be keeping our eye on the fun workshops and master classes such as the String Garden Workshop for mega babes with a green thumb, or for something a little less dirty and more delicious, the Cocktail Masterclass is the perfect excuse to get behind the bar and treat yourself to a cocktail, or two!

Between coffees at the Hideaway and a little shopping we snapped some of the stylish QV shoppers hanging around on Sunday. Check out who we found below. x

Below:  ” Michelle’s floral kimono, there’s nothing else to say. The way it catches the wind is just exquisite.”

Below: “A Peter Pan collar blouse, skater skirt and white flats, I’m loving the contrast between Paige’s girly outfit and her inherently edgy look.”

Below: “Alice demonstrates how to work high-waisted denim. The polka dot blouse and brown belt are the perfect accompaniments.”

ABOVE: “This denim jumpsuit with Nike sneakers is such a cute combination. Olivia nails cool weekend dressing.”

ABOVE: “The combination of this long sleeve knitted shift and white cross-over slides is the definition of effortless weekend chic.”

ABOVE: “Double denim, a blue striped shirt and white sneakers, the perfect weekend attire.”



Photography & blurb: Vincent Calderon – Words: Sarah Rogan - September 2014 – Event



With Melbourne Spring Fashion Week upon us we’re excited to be catching up with 4 of our favourite Melbourne designers from the the Designer Runway series.

The last in our designer series is the lovely CARLEY HUNTER.  Established in 2007, Carly won the New Generation Award at the Perth Fashion festival. After then showing at VAMFF (previously LMFF) her move to Melbourne has only seen her success grow. With regular appearances in fashion mags including Oyster and Russh, Carly continues to create inspirational garments that are wearable and timeless.

Check out our quick catch up below. x

ORIGINALLY FROM PERTH WHEN DID YOU REALISE DESIGNING WAS SOMETHING YOU WERE BORN TO DO? I still don’t know if it was something I was born to do! But I realized it was an industry I really wanted to work in after discovering The Face magazines in my high school library in the late 90’s.

INSPIRATION IS KEY. HOW AND WHERE DID YOU LOOK TO FIND INSPIRATION FOR YOUR SPRING SUMMER COLLECTION? I found it in the environment – or climate – I was designing it in the middle of the Melbourne heatwave last summer , in a studio with no air-con. And I was watching ocean themed films to escape it.

WHEN YOU FIRST STARTED OUT, DID YOU EVER IMAGINE YOU’D SEE MODELS WALK THE RUNWAY WEARING YOUR DESIGNS AT MSFW? AND WHAT IS YOUR PREP IN THE LEAD UP TO ANY PARADE? No I didn’t – I was really lucky when I made the move from Perth to Melbourne that MSFW was extremely supportive in inviting me to be included – I think I have done it 4 years in a row now. My prep mainly involves trying to get the collections back from PR agents in time!

I KNOW WE SHARE A LOVE FOR BLACK AND I’M WONDERING HOW IMPORTANT THE FABRIC TEXTURE AND TREATMENT ARE TO THE SUCCESS OF A BLACK GARMENT? TELL US HOW YOU’VE INCORPERATED THIS INTO YOUR SPRING SUMMER COLLECTION.  I think its mostly in the design when it comes to black, but I usually like to pick fabrics that look and feel very natural, be it in silk, cotton, wool, cupro, linen – or have an interesting texture. I have used a cotton with a bit of metal in for SS14/15 which gives it a crushed look and feel. You can actually scrunch the garments into small balls and put them in your purse.


Mostly – the creative control and research and developmen

For more information of the festival and to buy tickets head to:



Photography: Liz McLeish - September 2014 – Event

MSFW Industry Day


When Brooke from the city of Melbourne asked me to be apart of the MSFW industry day, I was honoured to be considered as a story worth telling. It’s not often you get the opportunity to that you look back on the journey that has got you to where you are today, as it’s always about pushing forward.  Being apart of todays industry talk today allowed me to do just that, reflect.


Understanding the value of experience was one thing I learnt very early on that I would recommend to anyone. One of the first steps I ever took in the right direction was assisting for free to gain experience. At the time I was studying at uni and wasn’t sure what a photographers assistant really did or how a commercial photography job worked, I just knew I wanted to get started. So I decided I could afford to volunteer one day a week, in an effort to know more about the industry I loved. I volunteered for 3 months, one day a week before I started getting paid as an assistant. One and a half years later I was working full time as a professional photographer. If I had never given my time away in exchange for experience I would probably still be assisting now and not be able to tell you about the amazing journey I’ve had so far. So understand the value of experience you never know what you will learn.

 Becoming a social networker enriched my life with so many of the new friends I have today. Networking is no longer just about talking to people at events – which I have already mentioned I’m terrible at. It’s about finding like minded people who want to talk about the same things you do. You don’t have to be in fashion to love what it’s about. Some of my insta-friends are vets, nurses, landscape photographers, lawyers, landscapers and journalists. But we never run out of exciting things to talk about or amazing outfits to shoot. Social networking has made me a better photographer because I’ve working with amazing people who allow me to be creative and push me to be better.

Find a unique perspective and specialize. There are more people in creative industries then ever before, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a gap in the market. When I started shooting street fashion I knew of Tommy Ton, the Satorialist and Face Hunter. There were a few people doing it in Australia then, but no one who was really saying anything in particular about Melbourne, so this became my focus. Working with bloggers and brands and specializing in collaborations, was also a point of difference for me.  Having a unique perspective and specializing will make people come to you.


As another part of my talk I was asked what I do on a day to day and instead of telling a sequence of my day to day, I had the very talented and beautiful Lisa Frieling film the below which is essentially a day in my life. Also to Jack Vanzet (here) for the music.

I hope you enjoy and get a little insight into what we do at Street Smith. x


Photography: Liz McLeish - 28th February 2014 – Blogger



Friday night marked the beginning of the very exciting week that is MSFW.

To start off the fashion festivities we headed into Melbourne Central to shoot all the stylish shoppers who were out and about.

This is who we found. x

For the full story and to see everyone we shot head to the Melbourne Central facebook page (here) and instagram (here). x

BELOW: “Yoyo’s strong silhouette caught our eye immediately. Not enough of us wear hats, and this is testament to their styling ability. Take the hat away and this outfit wouldn’t be nearly as strong.”

BELOW: “Omar has beautiful accents of colour in his outfit. I also really liked his oversized coat and cap.”

BELOW: “I loved Chloe’s hood, layering and kicks. This is a great example of alternative yet chic done well.”

BELOW: ” Sam really caught our eye for his red 5 panel cap, but then stood out in his vintage jumper and matching socks.”

ABOVE: “I really liked Kim’s relaxed vibe. The hats and slip on flats perfectly complete this simple outfit.”

ABOVE: “Ribka always looks amazing. But tonight I really loved her chic layering, the black crop over the tee goes perfectly with her edgy top knot.”

ABOVE: “I spotted Maria from a mile away, her beautiful use of colour really set her apart from the crowd in Melbourne Central.”

ABOVE: “I had to chase Maxwell down, he was a man on a mission, but totally worth the chase. He explained his cowboy look was for a theme night at Levi’s where he worked. I think he totally rocked it.”


Photography: Liz McLeish - August 2014 – Event

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